Beside Photography I realize videos for Brands and companies that need visibility on social or if they need to realize their istitutional videos.

FCW 2020

by Martino Dini | Brando Visibelli

winery, wine, reportage, martinodini, tuscany

Bacci Winery

by Martino Dini | Brando Visibelli

Kotoramen_master from Martino Dini on Vimeo.


By Martino Dini | Brando Visibelli

Ceresio 7, bar, mixology, milan, milano, rooftop, guglielmo miriello, architecture

Ceresio 7

by Martino Dini | Marco Riva

touch, firenze, shooting, cooking class

The Cooking Touch

by Martino Dini | Mad Mike

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