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I’m Martino

A brief story about photography

My career in photography started in 2013 with reportages and events moving towards food photography from 2015 when I met Chef Peter Brunel.

Peter and I worked together for few years in special events with Michelin Starred Chefs at BSJ restaurant, part of Ferragamo’s Lungarno Collection Hotel Company, moving my first steps into the Luxury Hotels World.

On the side of food photography, I studied products, interiors and lifestyle photography in order to commpete with other professionals who worked in the same field as me .

This fast growth led me to be today a full-time professional photographer working with italian and international Companies of the luxury world.

My point of strenght is being able in offering professional and modular photoshoots based on different field of photography giving the best results with the least effort

Editing Skills

Date of birth

29 August 1985,


Florence, Italy

Vat number


Main Clients

Luxury Hotels, Gourmet Restaurants, Winemakers

Camera Brand

Sony Alpha Mirrorless

Favorite fields of Photography

Lifestyle, still life, interiors

Latest Works


Some of the latest collaborations I’ve done within 2016 and 2019




Some good names of great collaborations




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